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Aliona Kostyukova .png

Photo by Kate Shevchenko, 2018

Aliona Kostyukova was born in Omsk, Russia. She studied at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow and University of the Arts London. She received BAFA from Chelsea College of Arts. Currently Aliona lives and works in Moscow.

She is a young artist who works interdisciplinary. Her artworks include interactive installations, performances, video and drawing. In her practice Aliona investigates liminal states and dualities through archetypes and personal mythology. 

Liminal state is a state of process or a position on both sides of a boarder, a threshold position. Being in-between, neither here, nor there, is a key state, as it gives space free of identification. And at the same time a chance to question the given choices.

Syzygy is a combination of two similar or contrasting concepts, which creates a unique union of reciprocity and contradiction. Works like Performance 17 and Folding Screen recreate certain states of mind, even locations in mental reality of dream and superstition. The locations represent psychological phenomena, which give one freedom from self-identification.

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